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Holmgren takes his chance on Hardesty

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By Eric Edholm

First, a tip of the cap to NFL Network's Corey Chavous, who called the Browns passing on Colt McCoy and taking Montario Hardesty. Nice call.

Second order of business: The Browns clearly have said two things. One, they don't like the QBs in this class after Sam Bradford, who has been a Ram for more than 24 hours, and two, they have major needs to fill all over the place. They'll punt on the QB selection until 2011, when the draft is talent-rich at the position with a number of potential first-round prospects.

Hardesty is an AFC North back. He runs hard and runs through people. The skills he has translate well to a two-back rotation with Jerome Harrison. But medical concerns and durability concerns exist for many teams, though clearly not with the Browns.

Interesting turn of events. McCoy could slide even farther.

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