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Good fits: Round Two

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By Matt Feminis
  • TE Rob Gronkowski, Patriots (No. 42 overall): Was there any doubt the Patriots would help themselves? When Gronkowski slipped into the second round, the Pats swooped in to acquire the selection the Buccanneers previously received from the Bears in exchange for the late Gaines Adams. Needing a tight end, the Patriots added a big, tough, throwback-type with the hands and athletic ability to be a force catching passes from Tom Brady. If Gronkowski's back holds up, the Patriots got a steal.
  • OLB Sergio Kindle, Ravens (No. 43): Ozzie Newsome has demonstrated his draft prowess year in and year out, and with one of the choices acquired from the Broncos, it enabled the Ravens to pounce on a value selection in Kindle, whom PFW rated as a top-15 talent. Medical and character questions lowered his draft stock, but if he's healthy and dedicated, a front seven with the likes of Ngata, Suggs, Johnson and Kindle will create headaches for offensive coordinators.
  • OLB Daryl Washington, Cardinals (No. 47): A small run on defensive tackles and a couple of 3-4 prospects coming off the board pushed Washington, a pure 4-3 prospect, into the late 40s and the Cardinals were more than happy to bring him into the fold. In January, Washington's speed was on display at University of Phoenix Stadium in the Fiesta Bowl and now he'll make Arizona his permanent home. His athletic ability helps ameliorate the sting of losing Karlos Dansby in free agency.
  • QB Jimmy Clausen, Panthers (No. 48): Clausen's pride took a hit this weekend, as he couldn't have envisioned this scenario when he decided to forgo his senior season at Notre Dame. The financial hit he took should not be overlooked, but from a football perspective, he appears to have landed softly. With a strong running game and a pair of bookend offensive tackles in place, Clausen, who is relatively pro-ready, is in a position to succeed. He'll be motivated to prove his detractors wrong. An additional factor to consider: playing in the NFC South, he will play division contests in domes or warm-weather climates, lessening the concern over his lack of elite arm strength.
  • OLB Jason Worilds, Steelers (No. 52): Worilds fits the Steelers' mold - he's strong, tough and athletic. With LaMarr Woodley and Lawrence Timmons already in place, Worilds can provide solid depth and play on special teams in his first season. He will be groomed in a professional environment where he can learn from established veterans and familiarize himself with defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau's defensive scheme before he's ready to step up to a more prominent role.
  • NT Terrence Cody, Ravens (No. 57): Along the same lines, Cody lands in an ideal place for him to maximize his potential. A mammoth run-stuffer, he has rare strength and surprising lateral agility in the trenches for a man who once tipped the scales over 400 pounds. Conditioning and stamina are concerns, but with strong veteran leadership in Baltimore, he should remain in game shape and could play a significant role in what is shaping up to be a very talented defensive front. The Ravens will be nails against the run, especially when they morph into a 4-3 look.

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