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Draft starts Friday for Panthers

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By Dan Parr

After opting not to trade into the first round Thursday night, the Panthers will begin making picks Friday as the draft moves into the second and third rounds. Carolina owns the 48th pick in the second round and the 78th selection in the third.

There's already been much speculation about the Panthers moving up in the second round to draft Texas QB Colt McCoy, but, with 10 minutes to go until the start of Round Two, no deal has developed. Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen, who some consider to be the best quarterback prospect in the draft, is also available. The Panthers could opt to move up as the board begins to take shape, but it would be no surprise if Carolina stays in its current slot and fills a need at wide receiver or defensive end.

The Panthers placed the highest possible tender on QB Matt Moore and have said they are committed to him as their starter. There's an outside chance, however, that a quarterback controversy will take shape in Charlotte before we get too far into Round Two.

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