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Clausen has a home: He's a Panther

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By Eric Edholm

I am guessing the Panthers were stunned when they not only had a chance at a quarterback here at 48, but also that they would have their choice of Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy.

We heard they liked McCoy. I bet they loved Clausen.

The Panthers in recent years have not valued the QB position. They kept Jake Delhomme, an undrafted free agent, for a few years and backed him with guys such as Josh McCown (second-tier free agent) and Matt Moore (waiver pickup and former undrafted guy himself).

Now they have Moore and Hunter Cantwell (guess what? also undrafted) with Clausen now bursting on the scene.

Credit Marty Hurney for letting this pick come to him. He talked to the Rams about No. 33 but wasn't going to overspend to get there. Instead, he waits and Clausen falls into his lap. Hurney has made similar picks, taking value over need, in recent years. They have mostly been hits, guys like Jon Beason and Ryan Kalil. I think Clausen will be a big score here.

Jeff Davidson uses a system that is similar to that of what Charlie Weis ran at Notre Dame, so the rookie could be up to speed very quickly.

The Panthers have to feel like they just hit a home run at no. 48.

So Panthers fans, do you feel better about the Everette Brown trade now? You just got first-round value deep into the second round and have an end with great promise and a year under his belt.

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