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Tebow to Denver?

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By Dan Parr

The rumblings connecting Tim Tebow to the Broncos continue as we get closer to the start of Round One.

The Denver Post reports that the Broncos won't take him with the 11th overall pick they currently own, but Denver could decide to pluck him later in the first round if it's able to trade down.

Head coach Josh McDaniels already acquired one project quarterback this offseason in Brady Quinn, but he may be inclined to put his QB-guru skills to the test with Tebow as well.

So, McDaniels didn't see eye-to-eye with Jay Cutler, so he traded for Kyle Orton. He likes Orton, but isn't sure if he's the long-term answer, so he acquired Quinn just in case. Now, he's flirting with Tebow. It could be just a smoke screen, or maybe the quarterback situation in Denver is about to get even more interesting.

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