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Tebow + Broncos = as perfect a match as you can imagine

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By Eric Edholm

How can you not like the fit of Tim Tebow and the Broncos?

it might not work out. He might never be a great quarterback. But is there a more ideal situation for him?

He has a coach who believes in him. This is most important. If we got into Round Two and teams were getting cold feet about picking Tebow, maybe he goes somewhere where it's not a match made in Heaven (pardon the phrase). But here, with Josh McDaniels clearly seeing something special and imagining the possibilities, Tebow gets a great young QB coach as his head coach, someone who has worked with Tom Brady. That's nice.

He has two QBs with starting experience ahead of him. There's no rush. Kyle Orton will start this year. Maybe Brady Quinn gets a crack at some point. But in two years you can start the clock on Tebow, and that will give McDaniels all the time in the world to know what Tebow can and can't do. He'll build an offense around Tebow and play to his strengths, minimizing his weaknesses as best he can.

He has a new No. 1 receiver who should be coming into his prime right around the time a starting opportunity opens up. Demaryius Thomas could be really special after a few seasons.

I'll mull this more. But if there's a place where Tim Tebow can succeed in the NFL, it's Denver.

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