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Sorry, Giants fans, McClain is a Raider

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By Eric Edholm

I heard from one Giants fan who thought his team could trade back and still get Rolando McClain.

Nothing doing. The Raiders pulled a mini-stunner, the first of many I expect this weekend.

Not that McClain isn't a super football player. It just threw me off a little, that's all.

Perhaps I thought they would take a height-weight-speed guy … at another position. McClain is that guy, and he has great tape to boot.

As for the Giants, they will be fine. Their fans? They have to be upset because McClain was the guy everyone wanted to replace Antonio Pierce.

Now they can sit back and see how the next few picks go. I think a great player will be sitting there for them, but is it someone they can use? GM Jerry Reese is not afraid to take talent over need, and he usually does just that.

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