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Breaking down Nolan's final mock draft

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By Eric Edholm

Nolan Nawrocki, PFW's draft sensai (I am tired of guru, expert and so on), has posted his final mock draft. Read up, kids. It's routinely the most accurate you'll find anywhere.

What you'll notice is the amount of potential trade activity there could be. No mock on the planet can account for all that is bound to go on. Guarantee we'll see a shocker or two.

I thought I would scroll through and point out what I believe are the highlights.

1-3: No surprises, really.

4: Redskins take Trent Williams — Been hearing this for a week (sorry for the subterfuge the other day in the Editors' mock), and it makes sense. He's more athletic and a better fit in the zone scheme, a classic Bruce Allen choice. Do note, though, that talks to move up still exist.

5-7: All make sense, though trade talk does factor in.

8: Raiders take Anthony Davis — Ladies and gentlemen, the Raiders. I still think Ben factors in here. Chatted with Davis at the Combine. Yeah, he fits their mold.

9: Bills take C.J. Spiller — They are a running team. Repeat: They are a running team. This makes a lot of sense for a team that lacks explosion on offense, and he returns kicks, too.

10-12: Trade alley. At least one of these teams will deal, maybe all three. Seriously.

13: 49ers take Bryan Bulaga — And they celebrate in the process. A great ORT fit.

14-18: I like these fits.

19: Falcons take Mike Iupati — Well, now. If this doesn't ring as a Thomas Dimtroff move, I don't know what does. If Iupati falls this far, the Falcons could have themselves one nasty son of a gun to plug in at either center (down the line) or right tackle, maybe guard. Critics will cry for defense, but it can come later.

20-21: Make sense.

22: Patriots take Ryan Mathews — Lot of steam gaining on this. Laurence Maroney is broken mentally; they might not get a fourth-rounder for him right now. Mathews is a bruiser who can learn from Fred Taylor for a year.

23-24: Doubt the Texas twins fall this far, but Nolan is on the right track with what those teams want. I think Earl Thomas is special.

25-26: Both likely fits and good pickups.

27: Cowboys take Jason Pierre-Paul — Anyone remember Shante Carver? Pierre-Paul will tempt the living heck out of Jerry Jones, who otherwise might take an offensive lineman such as Charles Brown or Vlad Ducasse. But the pass-rush threat — he'd be a LB in their system — might be just too alluring. Again, though: See Nolan's note. Trading might be the move here.

28: Chargers take Jared Odrick — I am on board with this. A.J. Smith sees the value here, scoops him up from the Jets, who take ...

29: Jets take Linval Joseph — The first truly big shocker in this scenario. For those who have not been following, Joseph has burned up the postseason circuit and has been a fast riser. But few, other than our Nolan, have him going this high. I love it. And it makes so much sense the more I think about it.

30: Vikings take Jimmy Clausen — I agree: A trade in the 20s is more likely. But the Vikings gladly would take this scenario. Only problem I see is people taking endlessly about how "Clausen would learn from the master himself, Brett Favre." I do not want to write that sentence once this summer. Please, some team save me.

31: Been a fit for weeks.

32: Saints take Patrick Robinson — Malcolm Jenkins moves to free safety. The DE shortage has been filled with Alex Brown and Jimmy Wilkerson.

Wow, that was fun. Can't wait until the real deal tonight. Tune in here, and I will be spewing interesting tidbits all night long.

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