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Boom-or-Bust candidates

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By Matt Feminis

One of the prominent catch phrases this time of year, "boom-or-bust" is just that: a label that describes a prospect whose star could shine bright or fall out of the sky. Hit or miss with nothing in between. The following players meet the criteria:


  • Trent Williams, Oklahoma: Exceptionally athletic with more than enough foot quickness to handle edge speed, but does not love the weight room and commitment to the game has been questioned. Has Pro Bowl potential, but comes with a "buyer beware" tag.
  • Anthony Davis, Rutgers: Looks the part and has the tools to be a powerful left tackle, but is young, immature and will have to prove he wants to be a good football player.
  • Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida: Exceptional length and athletic ability and is dripping with upside, but has less than one season as a starter at the Division I level, is raw, lacks variety as a rusher and does not play with power. Has swing-and-miss potential.
  • Carlos Dunlap, Florida: Looks like the next Mario Williams or Julius Peppers in flashes, but those flashes are too intermittent. DUI arrest prior to SEC title game raised major questions and how good he wants to be is the question.
  • Taylor Mays, USC: Looks like he was chiseled to be an intimidating safety, which he can be, but lack of instincts, flexibility and coverage skills are too glaring to ignore.
  • Demaryius Thomas, Georgia Tech: Has NFL size and length to be a physical, productive receiver at the next level, but drops and build-up speed are concerns. Could be a product of a system that enabled him to run vertical vs. single coverage.
  • Brandon LaFell, LSU: Was regarded as the top senior receiver entering the season, but his stock sunk after dropping too many balls and running in the 4.6s at the Combine. Thinks he's better than he is, which adds to risk factor.
  • John Jerry, Ole Miss: Has big-time size and the ability to generate movement in the run game, but weight fluctuation and capacity to handle mental aspects of pro game could prevent him from fulfilling his potential.
  • LeGarrette Blount, Oregon: A bruiser with nimble feet, Blount has the size, strength and agility to be an effective power back, but immaturity, character and discipline concerns are well-documented. Is not dependable and will have to have his head screwed on straight to stay in the league.
  • Brandon Ghee, Wake Forest: Thinly built, straight-linish, finesse corner who lacks ideal competitiveness, ball production (one career interception) and cover skills. More track star than football player.

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