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Alualu gives Jaguars one-two punch at tackle

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By Arthur Arkush

Like many it seems, Tyson Alualu was not on my radar for the Jaguars at No. 10. I thought for sure after watching C.J. Spiller and Joe Haden come off the board that Derrick Morgan or Jason Pierre-Paul would be the pick.

But I am a believer in GM Gene Smith's drafting approach. I commend Smith for not making the sexy pick, which would have been finding a way to make Tim Tebow a Jaguar.

While I still feel that defensive end and safety are a greater need than defensive tackle — Smith has already said that is where Alualu will line up — it's hard not to admire Smith for sticking to his draft board and taking the best available player, even if it's not the guy most expected.

John Henderson is 31 years old and his best days are behind him. Terrance Knighton was dominant at times last season. Think about what a high-motor guy like Alualu can do lined up next to Knighton. These two have a chance to develop into a very, very good tandem.

The signature of Jack Del Rio's "D" is the ability to stuff the run. But the past two seasons, that has not been the case. Alualu will help in this department.

He is not going to pile up the sacks. In fact, I will argue that Smith passing on Morgan and Pierre-Paul puts that much more pressure on Aaron Kampman and Derrick Harvey.

But I believe Smith will draft at least one pass-rushing defensive end before the weekend is over, and I really think Alualu fits what the Jaguars are trying to do; fortify the future of this franchise with players that will work as hard as anyone and compete.




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