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Might Eagles, Broncos and Bills be jockeying for Tebow in Round Two?

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By Eric Edholm

As the Lester Bangs character says in Almost Famous: "Here's a theory for you to disregard … completely …"

Tim Tebow could go in Round One. We've been hearing this for a few weeks now. But I have a feeling he'll be in play in the first 10 picks in Round Two.

So who might be interested? I think the Eagles, Bills and Broncos make a lot of sense. And look where they are located in that early second round.

Following the Donovan McNabb trade, the Eagles pick 37th and 55th.

After the Brandon Marshall deal, the Broncos have Nos. 43 and 45.

The Bills still own their No. 41 choice.

I'd be stunned if Tebow goes past 45, and he's likely gone prior to that.

These three teams, all said to be interested in Tebow's services, will be heavily in play in that range.

The Eagles, owning the highest selection of the three teams here, have the upper hand right now. But don't be shocked if the Broncos, who clearly wre willing to deal last year and this year with players and picks, try to move up into the 33-35 range ahead of Philly.

The Bills, well, they could get middled out of this whole deal. I wouldn't be shocked if they get cold feet on Jimmy Clausen at nine, and as a cold-weather team, I am not sure Colt McCoy would be Chan Gailey's first consolation pick there if Tebow is gone in Round Two.

Of course, a fourth team probably will come in and smash my scenario. It always happens. And I have a feeling this year will be one of the most unpredictable drafts in years. Just another theory to disregard, naturally.

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