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Floyd Mayweather: Who is he picking in the draft?



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By Eric Edholm

As many of you no doubt know, the theme of the Floyd Mayweather-Shane Mosely fight on May 1 is "Who R U Picking?"

So I thought it was only appropriate that I asked Mayweather, a friend of the PFW program and an avid football fan, who he would pick in the draft.

Although is in lockdown now, training for his huge fight (as seen in the picture), I sent him an email with some draft-related questions, curious to hear his thoughts about this weekend's also big event. Watch as I try to rope-a-dope him in with the final question, but he rebuffs my efforts like a great boxer would.

Here's what he had to say …

EE: Should the Rams take Sam Bradford No. 1 overall or trade out and go a different direction?

FM: I’d take him number one. In the NFL, it is all about your QB. Look at Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. The best two QBs in the league led their teams to the Super Bowl. If your QB is a bust, your team doesn’t have a chance. Bradford is the top QB in the draft, the Rams need one, so he should be the top pick.
EE: Who will be better in five years — Ndamukong Suh or Gerald McCoy?

FM: Suh hands down. He’s a beast.

EE: Which team has helped itself the most already?

FM: The Jets picked up some big names and solid players. LT is ready to show that he’s not washed up. Plus they wear that Money Mayweather green. You know I like that. I visited one of their practices last year and told them they were a good team, but this year I think that the Jets are one of the best.   

EE: Which team are you most curious to see who they draft this week?

FM: The Redskins made some good moves already. Getting McNabb made them better right away, but I’m wondering who they get with the No. 4 pick.

EE: Which team is most likely to screw up their first-round pick?

FM: I’m not going to hate on any team. The NFL is a tough business. Some times you just don’t know how a guy is going to play in the NFL. I wish all the teams nothing but the best. I’m sure I’ll be seeing some of the top picks at my fight. One thing you don’t have to worry about is me, because come May 1 I’m bringing my A-game. Tune-in.

By the way, if you haven't seen the first HBO 24/7 feature on the fight, do yourself a favor (even if you are not a huge boxing fan) and check it out. I am not the biggest boxing follower, but I really enjoyed this.

And for more information on the May 1 mega-fight between Mayweather and Mosley please check out

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