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Jets must be careful not to play fast and loose

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By Eric Edholm

The Jets are the chic team right now.

They led at halftime of the AFC title game. They have a young franchise quarterback, a rock-star coach, a terrific defense and they've had a big, big offseason.

LaDainian Tomlinson. Santonio Holmes. Antonio Cromartie. And now Jason Taylor, who signed Tuesday night.

Too much too fast? Not for Jets fans, who appear to be ready to hoist the Lombardi (or at least a cheap replica of it) on their mantles at home.

And Rex Ryan and Co. will be on full display this summer, on HBO's can't-be-missed "Hard Knocks."

Is anyone else worried here?

Right now, this team reminds me a little of the 2008 Cowboys, a team that added pieces and players — some with some questionable behavior issues — to an already stout roster.

And the way they are acting with guys who have yet to play a down with the team, it's a little curious.

They already have lent money to Cromartie, who admitted to having seven children with six different women in five states, because he faces several paternity suits. Next they reduced Holmes' salary so he won't lose as much while serving a four-game suspension to start the season.

What ever happened to making a guy earn his second chance?

This is the same team that brought in mercurial WR Braylon Edwards last season via trade, a move that has yet to pay off as expected, other than a few, brilliant flashes.

On paper, the team looks great. So why do I have such reservation?

The latest move, adding Taylor, sounds shaky. Is he really worth that money, even if he doesn't earn it all? And I maintain that dropping Thomas Jones for Tomlinson was a net loss. That was just a bad move. I really don't see LT being a "glue guy" as likeable as he is.

How is Mark Sanchez going to captain this team? How will he command this locker room? He can't. He just can't.

I'd like to see the Jets go the safe route Thursday and draft someone such as Penn State DE Jared Odrick, who woulc be a safe, solid pick. But that doesn't seem to be their way, especially not in the draft. The Jets have moved up — successfully, I must add — in recent years to nab the guys they want. I easily could see the same approach.

The top of the roster is glittered with star power and big names. The Jets clearly are going for broke. But will be break them with the bottom of the roster, thinned by some slim draft classes, shows just how lean it is?

This is beyond boom or bust. It's borderline napalm quality. I guess that's the way Ryan likes it. We'll see how this all plays out, but I am far from convinced.

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