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Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:27 p.m.
By Matt Feminis
  • People want to like Colt McCoy. An athletic, productive Texan and the face of one of the most prominent football programs in the nation, McCoy boasts encouraging intangibles, too, including a likable, down-to-earth personality. It's his stature (6-1) and lack of arm strength that prevent him from being universally considered first-round worthy. However, Jon Gruden (whose affinity for quarterbacks is not a secret) believes in McCoy's prospects, saying, "If you don’t like Colt McCoy, you didn’t like Drew Brees, either."
  • The Ravens are not afraid to take risks on players with "character concerns," but only after they gather as much information as possible. Take, for example, the case of Oklahoma State cornerback/return man Perrish Cox, who was sought out by an inquisitive Ozzie Newsome and forced to explain poor choices made during his time in Stillwater.
  • Read a thought-provoking New York Times piece from Chris Brown, who asks, "Are scouts worth listening to?" Brown also delves into several related topics, including parlance, systematic inefficiency and the Combine's true value.

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