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St. Elmo's with a twist

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By Dan Arkush

Before setting the stage for what figures to be a busy Saturday, a quick rundown on the PFW editorial staff's annual St. Elmo's dinner is the first order of business. As usual, nobody was feeling any pain, as football celebs flowed past our table of six in a steady stream. But there's one thing that was definitely different - the decision by PFW editor-publisher Hub Arkush, who also happens to be my brother - to have us report live from Elmo's on the Chicago sports-talk radio show he was co-hosting. Having already begun drinking our pre-dinner beverages, the challenge of delivering coherent football thoughts on the airways was considerable, to say the least. By all accounts, we managed to not make fools out of ourselves. One thing that I found really humorous was watching our guys talk into their cell phones and then hearing their words a few seconds later on my cell phone, with all of us connected with the Chicago radio site. It was like watching one of those dubbed Italian movies, and with the added buzz from my double martini working its magic, I was having a lot of fun.

But it's back to the grind. While briskly making my way to Lucas Oil this morning, I walked past a limping Charlie Weis trying to negotiate a nearby stairway. Today there are all kinds of similarly noteworthy NFL figures scheduled to make special appearances. I am particularly interested in the planned interviews with Jets head coach Rex Ryan and Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels, who both had some well-documented quirky statements in their maiden voyages as head coaches. It also should be interesting to talk to Ken Whisenhunt and Rod Graves, who both just received brand new four-year contracts.

There also will be a spillover effect from Friday, with highly regarded skill players Sam Bradford, Jimmy Clausen and C..J. Spiller hopefully making themselves available for the interviews everybody thought would come yesterday. In addition, there should be a huge focus on huge DTs Gerald McCoy and Ndamukung Suh, who both are widely considered possibilities as the top overall pick in the draft. There were a lot of frustrating lulls Friday, with so many people geared for the likes of Bradford, Clausen and Spiller. If everybody sticks to the planned schedule, Saturday, though, it could be totally nuts today 

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