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Wild Friday about to begin

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By Dan Arkush

After a relatively calm first day of Combine interviews, an action-packed Friday is on tap at Lucas Oil today. On the NFL front, Bears head coach Lovie Smith will begin a steady stream of interviews at 10 a.m. sharp. Before the day runs out, 12 NFL heavy hitters are expected to address the national media, with Titans head coach Jeff Fisher filling out the bill in the late afternoon.

Meanwhile, today is the day the draft-eligible skill-position studs make their presence felt, with particular interest in a QB crop that will concentrate on speaking as opposed to working out, with just about all the top dogs opting for the Pro Day alternative either due to injury or, in the case of Tim Tebow, personal preference.

As always, the football news of the day is providing a compelling backdrop. Yesterday, hot on the heels of a 20-minute talk I had with a Cardinal insider regarding a possible new contract for head coach Ken Whisenhunt, the team announced that they were giving new four-year deals to both Whisenhunt and GM Rod Graves, which will make their scheduled interviews Saturday that much more interesting.

Today, there will be a special buzz hovering around the Rams, with GM Billy Devaney probably asked more than a few times about the plans the team has for the No. 1 overall pick. There is a growing sense that the Rams will use that first pick on Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford, who is also expected to speak today. The impressions that Bradford, Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen and Tebow make at the podium will definitely be worth noting.

The Bears are also buzz-worthy, with a revamped front office and coaching staff taking shape before our eyes. It would not be a shock if Bears GM Jerry Angelo announces that Tim Ruskell will be the team's new personnel director later today at his annual pow wow with the Chicago media.

Got to run. Speaking of running, I had a great jog along the Indianapolis canal network this morning that got me revved up for a busy day. Tonight, we go to St. Elmo's for our annual Combine dinner out. Should be a blast.



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