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Texans GM Rick Smith talks Robinson, Walter and L.T. possibilities

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By Michael Blunda

INDIANAPOLIS — Texans GM Rick Smith addressed a host of issues while speaking to the media at the NFL Scouting Combine on Friday afternoon, but he started with the team's bad luck in the morning's coin toss to determine draft picks.

Houston and Atlanta both finished with identical 9-7 records in 2009 and flipped a coin to determine who would choose 19th. Smith said the league produced a coin with each team's logo on one side, and the Falcons emblem showed up on top. That leaves the Texans to pick No. 20 in April's draft.

Here are the other topics Smith hit on Friday regarding his team:

On the possibility of bringing in free-agent RB LaDainian Tomlinson: "We're evaluating it like we do every available player. Certainly he has had a tremendous career and would offer veteran presence and a lot of qualities that a lot of teams will be looking for. We're entertaining the idea and the thought process and going through our decision-making process whether we would attempt to try to add him to our football team. He certainly has had a wonderful career and I think still has some productive play in his future."

On not placing the franchise tag on CB Dunta Robinson: "When you make a decision like that it's not one thing, it's a number of variables. It's level of play, it's level of compensation, it's how does that affect the rest of your team as you look to put a football team together and improve, it's how you feel about the players on the team currently at the position. So it's all those things that went into the decision to not tag him and to let him go."

On UFA WR Kevin Walter: "Kevin's a big part of our team and has been a big-time contributor to our football team. We would like to have Kevin back, we have articulated that to him. I met as recently as (Thursday) night with his agent, just kind of talking about what they expect and where we are to see if there's a way to retain him because he's an important part of our football team."

On RFA TE Owen Daniels, who suffered a torn ACL this past season: "Owen is doing well in his rehab. He is obviously a restricted free agent again this year. I'm going to meet with his agent (Friday night). We're talking to all of our restricted free agents as well as our unrestricted free agents and trying to get a sense of where we're going and what our approach is."

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