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Let the Combine show begin

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By Dan Arkush

Let there be light. A full panel of lights just went on right above the table that the PFW editorial arsenal has positioned itself at Lucas Oil Stadium. In less than an hour, the fun officially begins with Niners head coach Mike Singletary scheduled to be the first NFL heavyweight to address the national media at this year's Combine. Singletary will be followed by Niners GM Scot McCloughan, with Lions head coach Jim Schwartz, new Bills head coach Chan Gailey, Steelers director of football operations Kevin Colbert, Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland and Chiefs GM Scott Pioli also on the Thursday docket.

As the day wares on, we should have an opportunity to talk to the top tight ends, offensive linemen and kickers available in the draft. I suspect by noon today, the media area at Lucas Oil will be pretty packed, with another record number of football writers and talking heads expected this year. Amazingly, we were able to get a hotel right across the street from Lucas Oil with excellent amenities. I was very surprised that there were any vacancies, but nobody from PFW is complaining. We'll be on top of all the breaking news, with more tag designations expected throughout the day.

One last note: Who was the very first NFL figure that we saw on the streets of Indy on our first night out on the town was new Bills GM Buddy Nix. By nightfall, football celebs will be noticeable at every turn.

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