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Holmgren makes mistake of walking through press area

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By Michael Blunda

INDIANAPOLIS — There must be a different way out.

At least that's what I was thinking when new Browns team president Mike Holmgren walked down the stairs into the media area on Thursday afternoon in an attempt to exit Lucas Oil Stadium. Suffice it to say, the NFL celebrity didn't get out of the building as quickly as he had hoped.

Holmgren instantly was approached by a writer or two as soon as he finished his climb down the staircase. Although he wasn't mobbed, his exit was certainly delayed by his decision to saunter through an area with a bunch of media members. He was polite, though, and willingly held court with a few people in the lobby answering any questions that came his way.

It's possible that Holmgren will address the media at some point during the next four days, as many coaches and team executives do. But today, at least, all the guy wanted to do was leave the building. However, he made the mistake of walking through a part of the Lucas Oil that had a bunch of people wanting to say hello and pepper him with questions. Oops.

Other NFL bigshots made the same poor judgment call (or were given bad directions) last year — I'm guessing we don't see those guys walk through the press area again in 2010.

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