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Jaws picks apart Jay Cutler's INTs

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By Eric Edholm

The best kind of stories about football are some of the worst for writers.

When I chatted up Ron Jaworski back in December prior to the Week 16 game here in Chicago, we were talking briefly about Jay Cutler and his troubles, and Jaws was saying how he just got done looking at all of Cutler's picks in succession via his technology at NFL Films.

"He needs some hard coaching," Jaws said to me of Cutler.

It made me think: What about a story breaking down film of something like this with Jaws? Offseason story, I though. Mentally file that one away for a rainy (or seasonally, snowy) day.

Looks like Sean Jensen beat me to it. Jensen, an old friend of mine and the PFW program, is off to a great start as the new writer for the Chicago Sun-Times, and he did a great job working with Jaworski on breaking down each of Cutler's picks.

And yes, I am sure it was an all-day affair. One, Jaws loves this sort of thing. Two, Cutler threw a lot of interceptions last season, a league-worst 26 to be precise.

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