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We can put another McNabb rumor to bed for now

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By Eric Edholm

Have you heard the latest about Donovan McNabb? Rumor was that he was in Buffalo prior to going down to the Pro Bowl, possibly meeting with the Bills, who just so happened to need a quarterback. There even has been talk that McNabb was driven by limousine to the Bills’ facility with confirmation from the driver and everything.

Seemed fishy, but I had to check it out.

“Donovan went to Arizona prior to the Pro Bowl,” said Rich Burg, McNabb’s personal public-relations assistant. “He was not in Buffalo.”

McNabb is property of the Eagles. For now, that deal runs through the 2010 season. It’s very rare for a player under contract with one team to visit with another to talk about employment, which is why I doubted these rumors despite the recent strength of them.

He answered a litany of questions last week about being in Philadelphia, but McNabb reiterated what he previously had said: He wants to be an Eagle. And head coach Andy Reid, who supposedly has final say with the team, has said that McNabb (for now) is his quarterback for next season.

“They hold the cards,” Burg said. “Until we hear anything different, Donovan is assuming he is the quarterback of the Eagles.

“They have three quarterbacks (along with Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick) with three interesting situations. This story, as always, will go on and on until something definitive is said.”

Kolb also is signed through 2010. He is the presumed heir to McNabb.

The Eagles hold a team option for Vick for $5 million next season. The only way they would pick it up is if there is a trade market for him. Vick isn’t likely to return to Philly.

And though the CBA negotiations could play a small role in what happens with McNabb, it likely won’t be the biggest factor by any stretch because the Eagles currently are not paying him past this coming season. More relevant is the $6.2 million bonus McNabb is due on May 5, so the talk of his situation could last through the draft.

Better buckle up. This likely will take a while.

Although I have to admit, the McNabb-to-Buffalo thing did titillate me for a moment. Not that there would be any chance of him playing with Terrell Owens again, because he likely will be gone, but it at least would present an interesting irony there.

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