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Freeney discusses ankle injury at Media Day

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By Dan Parr

One of the most discussed topics at Media Day in Miami was the torn ligament in Colts DE Dwight Freeney's right ankle.

"Hopefully, towards the end of the week it starts to feel better," he said. "The decision (on whether to play) will come later on in the week. It's kind of early now."

The NFL Network actually had a camera following him away from the podium after his press conference while zooming in to get a shot of the ankle. He was clearly limping and there's some swelling around the ankle.

His response regarding his status for Sunday wasn't definitive enough for some. Warren Sapp and Deion Sanders criticized him for not being clear about his status during a segment on the NFL Network and thought he was sending a bad message to his coaches and teammates.

Of course, Freeney also said, "The competitor in me says they'll never stop me from being on the field."

It sounds like a guy just being honest about the severity of his injury to me. Not surprisingly, QB Drew Brees said the Saints are expecting Freeney to play on Sunday and will prepare to face him in practice.

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