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A Super Bowl trend of note

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Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:27 p.m.
By Mike Wilkening

Fast fact: The last nine Super Bowl winners have covered the spread in the conference-title round. The last Super Bowl winner to fail to cover the spread in a conference-championship game? The 1999 Rams, who were all out to beat the Buccaneers as big favorites. (The Rams did, however, go on to win Super Bowl XXXIV.)

I don't know if this is a particularly great angle, but I mention it because the Saints won, but did not cover, in the NFC title game vs. Minnesota, and the last conference-title winner to win and not cover was the 2007 Patriots, who went on to lose as 12-point favorites in Super Bowl XLII. Also, the 2001 Rams won but didn't cover against the Eagles in the NFC Championship and then were upset by the Patriots in Super Bowl XXXVI.

The Colts won and covered against the Jets in the AFC Championship game back on Jan. 24.


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