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No Joique’ing around — Bell grabbing attention at Senior Bowl

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By Dan Parr

One of the more talkative participants, particularly during practices, in this year's Senior Bowl is Wayne State RB Joique Bell, who will play for the North team on Saturday. You may not have heard of him before, but he's doing a good job of making sure he leaves Mobile a more widely known prospect. The 6-1, 223-pound back has been jawing at defenders all week, and says he's not intimidated at all by the prospect of facing bigger and better competition after playing at a Division II school. He's made sure to tell coaches that during meetings with teams this week.

"(The NFL teams) want to know how I feel about playing against better competition and do I feel like I have any extra pressure on me," he said. "It's the same questions and I give them the same answer. I don't feel any pressure. I've been doing this for my whole life and this is what I do. I'm good at it.

"Nobody intimidates me. I'm not going to go out there and be intimidated by a (Division I) player or a player bigger than me. I played against players bigger than me in Division II. I'm not scared of anybody. I'll block D-linemen, linebackers, defensive backs, whoever I got to block."

As for the trash talking, Bell, who rushed for 6,728 yards in college (sixth-most in Division II history), says it's all in good fun.

"Go out there, throw a couple words back and forth," he said. "It's nothing gruesome. It's to fire up the other team, not just because it makes practice go by faster, but it makes the other person more energetic. It makes them want to be out there. It makes them want to work harder. That's just what I try to do. I try to spice up practice."

Of course, some NFL teams will likely recommend Bell not give the opposition any added motivation. It might be hard for Bell to change his ways, though. He said that's how he has always been.

"And now that I'm with a lot of guys with more competition, I'm going to pick it up a little bit more," he said.

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