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Zorn says he's 'ready to work' now

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By Eric Edholm

MOBILE, Ala. — I ran into Jim Zorn, former Redskins head coach, on the sidelines at practice on Tuesday morning, and like many people down here, he's looking for a job. None of this "year off" nonsense, waiting for the perfect position or ideal situation. Make no mistake: He wants to be in football next season.

"I am ready to work," Zorn told me. "I'd like to be a head football coach. And I'd like to be a coordinator and a position coach, so all of the above."

I asked if he thought he got a fair shake in Washington, getting fired after only two seasons. I thought it was a fair question. Zorn appeared a little put off by it, but he answered anyway.

"I don't know about the question, whatever it is, but I got as long as it was deemed to me to be the head football coach," he said.

The injuries to the offensive line clearly were devastating this season, but Zorn wasn't into making excuses for what happened last season.

"Well, there were a lot of things that happened during the season, but certainly ... I could name all the things, but then it would just be a bunch of whining anyway. We played with who we had."

I let him know that we sportswriters were here to service him for just that, to facilitate the whining, which I think might have gotten me back in his good graces based on his mild smile at the comment.

When I mentioned the vacant job with the Ravens, now that Hue Jackson left for Oakland, Zorn said he had "heard about it" but said he hadn't had contact with the team yet. Zorn planned to meet with four more teams down here but noted that "there are not a lot of jobs right now."

I also asked Zorn about QB Jason Campbell, his project the past two seasons, and he had some interesting things to say about his future potential. But you'll have to wait to read that in this week's Redskins "Way We Hear It."

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