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Ravens coordinator Mattison says Weatherspoon stepping up game

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By Dan Parr

Heading into Senior Bowl week, Missouri LB Sean Weatherspoon had something to prove after his production declined a bit from his junior to senior season, as my colleague, Eric Edholm, wrote from here in Mobile, Ala. earlier this week.

One coach who knows a thing or two about quality professional linebackers — Ravens defensive coordinator Greg Mattison — told PFW he thinks Weatherspoon is rising to the occasion.

"The one thing (Weatherspoon) has done, which you have to do when you come here, is you have to step up your game and show everybody what you can do, and he's done that," Mattison said.

This year's crop of 'backers isn't considered an overwhelming class, and there appears to be more depth outside than inside. Top prospects at the position like Texas' Sergio Kindle and Florida's Brandon Spikes aren't participating in the Senior Bowl, but Mattison still has seen some players he likes.

"I think there's a number of them that are going to be outstanding professional football players," he said. "The thing that I got from watching them on (Tuesday) is I think they're all very well-coached. I know the Iowa kid, A.J. Edds, you know he's well-coached. I mean, there's no question about it, and he shows it on the field. They all bring a little something different, whatever you're looking for. (Weatherspoon is) a real good athlete. He can move really well. A.J. is a really, really great technician that's probably more of an inside linebacker or a sam 'backer on a tight end, but shows he can do it. (Washington's Donald) Butler looked real good again. He's a guy that probably is a good blitzer.

"I'm looking forward to watching them in the game (on Saturday), because they look like they're going to be a good group."

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