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Can Saints fans keep this up for four quarters?

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By Eric Edholm

NEW ORLEANS — In doing research for today's game (and research only, I promise), I stayed out a little past the witching hour to see how the fans would be.

They, um, were enjoying themselves. Surprising amount of Vikings fans down here, a real nice presence. And they seem to be getting along fairly well with the locals.

On the way to the stadium, the freaks were out in full force. They were dressed to the hilt, many in "Kill Favre" type of shirts and the like, but the more creative folks have some pretty amazing costumes.

They were loud, proud and ready to rock.

But can they keep this spirit up for four quarters? Even these hard-partying folks might have trouble sustaining the energy, which is pretty darned high right now.

Not epic, mind you, during pre-game, but potentially so. When Drew Brees' name was said over the PA, the place went bonkers.

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