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Selling Snead, buying Brown

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By Billy Wellner

Early entries must declare for the NFL draft by Friday, Jan. 15. Here are my thoughts on some of the names that have already declared:

QB Jevan Snead (Ole Miss)

What is he thinking? Is he thinking? Snead's decision to declare early for the draft is about as wise as investing in asbestos handkerchiefs.

The positives? Nice arm. But enough with the damn arm strength! For goodness' sake, haven't we learned our lesson already or are we going to fall for that one again?! There's a reason Ryan Leaf, Kyle Boller, and JaMarcus Russell all bombed. Guess what — succeeding at the QB position takes more than arm strength. Get it?

The negatives? Too many. The list includes poor mental toughness, decision making and game management, and horrific accuracy. I've seen Snead inexcusably miss too many wide-open throws. His completion percentages over the last two seasons — 56.3 and 54.4, respectively — back that up. And how about the footwork? The next time Snead lines up his hips and shoulders with his target will be the first time.

I'd start to take a look at him in the seventh round. But I'm sure he'll fire the ball from his butt through the goal posts during his pro day, and someone will take him in Round Four or Five.

WR Antonio Brown (Central Michigan)

Has a slender, undersized build but really stood out the first time I saw him — in 2008 vs. Western Michigan. Brown schooled a pair of '09 draftees — CB E.J Biggers (Buccaneers) and S Louis Delmas (Lions) — with his short-area quickness and also showed the top-end speed to separate vertically. Also offers versatility as a returner.

WR Demaryius Thomas (Georgia Tech)

As intriguing of a prospect as there is in the draft. What will he run at the Combine? Can he run a full route tree? Can he catch the ball consistently?

Thomas definitely drops the ball more than you would like, but he is an absolute load when he does hold on to it. A monster after-the-catch guy who also puts forth outstanding effort as a blocker.

Check back on Thursday for a synopsis on the early entries on defense.

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