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Colt McCoy is "mobile Brian Brohm"

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By Billy Wellner

So I know I'm somewhat beating a dead horse — after suggesting two weeks ago that Appalachian State QB Armanti Edwards might be a better pro prospect than Texas' Colt McCoy — but I really believe Thursday night's BCS championship game will justify those comments.

I don't think McCoy has a chance to play a good game, not after Bo Pelini exposed him in the Big 12 championship as an underneath, dink-and-dunk passer, and especially not after 'Bama head coach Nick Saban has had more than a month to devise a head-spinning defensive game plan.

The point is, I think McCoy is just a mobile Brian Brohm. He doesn't have a strong arm, he can't make all the throws, and those wobblers that he throws are going to kill him at the next level. Just like with Brohm two years ago — and I was on the record with my dislike of the Louisville product as a pro prospect — I cannot envision McCoy nailing the deep out, knifing a ball downfield in inclimate weather, or firing a ball into a small window against man … heck, against zone coverage.

We've seen what has become of Brohm — he couldn't beat out seventh-rounder Matt Flynn in Green Bay, and was relegated to the bench in Buffalo in favor of an injured Ryan Fitzpatrick after a dismal performance in his lone start.

I see a similar fate for McCoy, and the decline of his draft stock starts in the BCS title game. Consider this to be McCoy's draft stock eulogy and Saban his maker. I'm sure I'll eat my words if he ends up playing well, but I like my chances. And to the fans of the NFL team that eventually drafts him, don't say I didn't warn you.


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