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Canes' Cooper hurts knee

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By Matt Feminis
  • Miami junior RB Graig Cooper injured his right knee in last night's Champs Sports Bowl, a loss to Wisconsin. Cooper, who was considering making an early jump to the NFL, crumbled to the ground in the final seconds of the second quarter while attempting to plant his leg on a kickoff return. The knee buckled, and Cooper remained on the ground for minutes, visibly hurting and audibly frustrated. He was helped off the field but was unable to put any weight on the leg. The extent of the injury is not yet known.
  • Florida senior WR Riley Cooper's talents have been overshadowed by the likes of Tim Tebow, Pervy Harvin and Louis Murphy the last few years, but he's showed well this season as the Gators' top receiving threat. An outstanding multi-sport athlete, Cooper is warming to the prospects of an NFL future, despite being property of MLB's Texas Rangers for the time being.

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