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Lovie passes on timeout, lets clock bleed

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By Eric Edholm

CHICAGO -- Jay Cutler led the Bears down to the Minnesota 24-yard line and got to the line with 18 or 19 seconds remaining in the half, a timeout in their pockets.

Tick, tick, tick ...

At first it looked like a trick play, with Cutler walking towards the bench and C Olin Kreutz and the rest of the line staying in their stances.

But no. (Of course it was not a trick play; this is the Bears we're talking about). They wanted to kick the field goal. On second and seven. With plenty of time remaining.

If Cutler clocks it, even with 16 seconds remaining, and hits a receiver inbounds, the Bears simply call timeout, kick the fourth-down field goal and likely still get out with a 16-0 lead.

But at least try for the end zone. Once, maybe twice. There are four downs in football. Lovie Smith chose to use one of them for offense, then kick.

It's just bad coaching in that instance. Cutler has been dialed in most of the night after a brief slow start.

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