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Gruden weighs in with a little perspective on Favre-Childress



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    Vikings head coach Brad Childress and QB Brett Favre

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By Eric Edholm

The Monday Night Football crew, I can tell you, was not upset that Brad Childress and Brett Favre had their little "discussion" on the sideline on Sunday because it makes an otherwise meaningless game a little more spicy.

There are other reasons to watch the Vikings' game agaisnt the Bears, of course, but this is what people seem to be talking about.

I caught up with MNF's Jon Gruden late yesterday and asked him about the Favre-Childress stuff. Here's what he had to say on the matter:

"I think so. I can't really comment too far because I don't know exactly what this is. I know about what has been reported. But if you remember, Mike Ditka got into it with Jim McMahon on the sideline, Bill PArcells got into it with Phil Simms on the sideline, Rich Gannon and I quarreled a little bit down there on the sideline.

"I just think now, after losing two out of three games, and now you have an incident like this, a lot of this is like elevator music: you don't need to pay attention to it. They have bigger issues than the little quarrel on the sideline. What's going to happen to Percy Harvin? Can (they) still be a dominant defense without E.J. Henderson at middle linebacker? Those are more pressing questions that the Minnesota V icings have to answer.

"I do know Brett Favre well enough, and I know Brad Childress well enough that those two guys will be fine at the end of the day."

I tend to agree here, although I made the point earlier in the season that Favre had seized control of this team with his play against the 49ers in Week Three and Packers in Week Four and that it might be a bad thing. Got some hate mail at the time, a good bit of it. For once, I might have been onto something.

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