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Jim Zorn, talking about the worst fake field goal ever

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Posted Dec. 22, 2009 @ 5:28 p.m.
Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:27 p.m.
By Eric Edholm

In case you missed it, and hopefully you did, the Redskins attempted a fake field goal at the end of the half. It didn't go well at all.

They lined up in their regular field-goal formation but then shifted to a swinging-gate look where all but the center, the punter (in essence, the QB now) and Devin Thomas all shifted to the left side of the field. The Giants called a timeout; that appeared to be the desired effect.

But then the Redskins came back on the field and did the same thing.

They were down 24-0 at the time, completely outplayed by the Giant, and people were seen leaving the game prior to the half. Considering the snow they fought through to get to the game, I can't blame them.

So the Redskins attempted to go through with this ill-fated play, which resulted in Hunter Smith basically heaving the ball into a sea of 'Skins and Giants players. The Giants played it right, moving only six players across to the shift, leaving five to rush the outflanked Smith. His sad pass was picked off by Bruce Johnson, and the Giants ran out the half.

Here's Redskins head coach Jim Zorn, who has a job for about another 12 days, on the feeble attempt:

“Well we were down 24-0 and we thought that it was a good enough play where they would have to call a timeout.  It was a good enough situation, and had they not had a timeout we probably would have had a better chance. Then I wanted to try it again because I thought they didn’t see enough of it because they didn’t see the snap and what was actually going to happen. But they defended it very well. Looking back at it we should have kicked the field goal.”

Watching his new team get pummeled might have been a good thing for GM Bruce Allen. The Redskins have played hard of late, prior to Monday, but it was important for him to get an accurate view of how shorthanded this team is.

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