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Chris Johnson says he would smoke Ginn, but what about Bolt?

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By Eric Edholm

When I asked Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt about Chris Johnson a few weeks ago, he admitted that he knew Johnson was fast when they drafted him, but that even he was shocked at just how fast he was.

Although I missed the teleconference with Johnson today, he reportedly was asked who would win a race between himself and Ted Ginn Jr.

Johnson's response: "Not even a legitimate question."

OK, big shooter, then how about Usain Bolt? "Now, that's a better question," Johnson said. He followed by surmising he would beat Bolt in a 50-meter race.

Ah, we thought so.

There also was some exchange about Johnson and Ginn at a party challenging to race each other on Ocean Boulevard in South Beach and Chad Ochocinco being a witness, but without the transcript, I can't recreate it properly for you.

OK, Ginn-Dolphins and Johnson-Titans people, you now have something to talk about.


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