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Rams make right call in hacking Incognito

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By Eric Edholm

It is only fitting, I think, that a player named Incognito is quite infamous in St. Louis. And for all the wrong reasons.

The Rams got wise today, cutting OG Richie Incognito, a move that perhaps was overdue.

Incognito several times has played selfishly and stupidly (two personal fouls in the game), most notably in the opener against Seattle. He earned a place on the bench then but rebounded to play some pretty decent guard for the Rams. Truth is: They needed him on what has been a bad unit.

But trouble arose again on Sunday. Two more personal fouls made a bad game worse, compounding in a 40-point loss to the Titans.

Steve Spagnuolo had to make a move. Despite the Rams' horrendous OL problems, he had to send a message that Incognito was not in line with the kind of team Spags wants to build in St. Louis

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