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Belichick discipline shouldn't be shocking to anyone

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By Eric Edholm

The news that Bill Belichick sent home four Patriots, including Randy Moss, is hardly stunning.

They missed the start of an 8 a.m. meeting because of snow. Belichick's reposnse likely was something like: So what? Your teammates and coaches were here on time.

Give him this: He's not afraid to send word to anyone, star or 53rd man on the roster, than they have screwed up and they are going to pay.

This was the sort of thing Moss used to get pirckly about in Minnesota and Oakland. I doubt he'll say anything resembling a bad word about his coach when he finally does talk.

Besides, the Patriots need needs some cage rattling. First Tom Brady questions his team's "fight" and then doesn't back down from the statement. Now this. It's not shocking. This is all part of the design.

Have you seen Moss in second halves lately? No, you haven't because he has caught a few long passes early in games, and then he has disappered. I'm not saying, but I am just saying. That's what's surprising.

Third double-digit second-half lead blown this season? Unheard of. Positively un-Belichickian.

We'll see how the troops respond. It's always interesting around this team.

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