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Nebraska's Suh might have solidified top-three pick

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By Eric Edholm

I have been enamored with Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh since watching him completely take over a Thursday night game earlier this season against Missouri. In that game, he was blowing up centers and guards, stunting and twisting his way to the quarterback, dropping runners from behind and even dropping in coverage, nearly picking off two passes.

Reminder: He's a defensive tackle, folks.

But last night, he played the game of his college career. He almost single-handedly took down the Texas Longhorns, one tackle for loss at a time. Suh has 12 tackles, an unreal total for a tackle (and he leads the team in that category, by the way), and seven of those tackles were for losses. He also had 4½ sacks and nearly had a safety late in the game that would have given the Huskers an 11-10 lead.

Two words with this kid: "man" and "child."

The Boy named Suh almost certainly solidified himself as a top-five, and probably a top-three pick.

The teams that should be picking in that area — the Browns, Rams, Bucs and Lions — all could use him. Too early for draft talk? Not for these teams.

How good could Suh be? He reminds me a little of the Vikings' Kevin Williams with his ability to split double-teams, a little of Tommie Harris getting off the snap and a little of Cardinals DT Darnell Dockett with his effort and pursuit. Suh still could use some coaching and could tighten up his technique some, but this is a kid you automatically like when you turn on the tape.

Suh won't last long on Draft Day.

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