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Why are Philly fans upset with McNabb over Cutler pep talk?

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By Eric Edholm

It has trickled down from the Philadelphia branch of PFW (don't go trying to find it on a map) that the talk-radio folks are shredding up Donovan McNabb for his "little chat" with Jay Cutler on Sunday after the Eagles beat the Bears.

I must admit, the camera was on them for a slightly uncomfortable amount of time. But other than that, I have no problem with what McNabb might or might not have said.

Clearly, it was encouragement, as McNabb said afterwards to NBC's Andrea Kramer, "It stays between me and Jay. That's just kind of the fraternity that we have, the quarterbacks. Just continue to have your confidence, keep strong and keep working hard. Things will work out well."

If Peyton Manning did this to Vince Young, we'd nominate him for another Man of the Year Award. If Donovan played in a more, er, friendly city than Philadelphia (I am thinking St. Louis for some reason), he'd be even more respected.

I really can't imagine why anyone would take offense to this. These little chats always happen after games. I have been out there on the field, watching former teammates chat it up for a good five minutes as the fans file out. So why can't two quarterbacks, both of whom know heartache, have a pep talk?

I did think Cutler wanted at the moment to cut McNabb's chit chat short by about 30 seconds or so, but I bet now he's glad he said what he said and for however long.

Cutler is hurting. The excuses have run out, and people in Chicago are turning the blame from the forces around him to the player who was supposed to deliver Camelot to the Windy City in less than a year's time. Yeah, and the Cubs are winning it all next year. Book it.

Three quick thoughts on Cutler:

  1. He needs a better QB coach. I hate to throw Pep Hamilton under the bus here, but Cutler clearly is getting sloppy and reverting to some bad habits. He throws with poor foot positioning and often holds the ball too low before delivering a pass. I would love to see what a guy like Bruce Arians could do with him, but for now he remains the Steelers' offensive coordinator. Or here's an interesting thought: If Jim Zorn gets fired, why not bring him in to be the QB coach? That's what he earned his reputation as in the first place, after all.
  2. Cutler needs to work on the body language. It's important. Scoff if you want, but Cutler gives off an air of arrogance and aloofness that just shoots out a bad aura. I am not saying the kid has to be Wavy Gravy, but a little more positive energy might help. Whether he likes it or not, a quarterback is a leader of men. He at least must be focused, positive and ready to take on the next play. Cutler often looks like he lets the last play seep into his head during the next one.
  3. Maybe losing games this season will knock him down a few pegs. Some guys need that. This city was amped for his arrival, starting planning statues and parades in his honor and he fell flat. It hurts. The city aches. But great stories come from great failures. Isn't that right, McNabb? Oh, but Philly fans would tell you that McNabb has not been a success. Figures.

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