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Mangini has seen enough: He's going with Anderson

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By Eric Edholm

Eric Mangini has seen enough

Derek Anderson's three interceptions were enough for Mangini to make a decision: It's Anderson's job again Sunday against the Bengals.

I suspected that when Mangini was delaying a decision between Brady Quinn and Anderson that neither guy really excited him, and when the team made that trade with the Jets, I suspected that Mangini was intrigued by Brett Ratliff more than a little. I thought he was more than just a throw-in.

So why Anderson? Who knows?

Apparently, I am not the only one. Cleveland is sick of this team's lack of direction, and fans now want Randy Lerner to sell the team. (Well, at least 2,500 fans who signed it do.)

How ugly are things? Find me a win in the next five before the bye. Resurgent Bengals team that should be 3-0 this weekend. At Buffalo and Pittsburgh after that. Home game against the Packers, then on the road at Chicago before the bye. Can you say 0-8? If that happened, it would be 14 straight losses. Thank God for the Rams and their current 13-game losing streak.

Who do you think deserves this Browns QB job? Anyone?

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