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Knock on Cutler from Bears coach?

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By Eric Edholm

If Jay Cutler can call out his receivers and act as if his four interceptions were not entirely his fault, then why can't a Bears coach make a comment about Cutler?

As I was reading PFW's latest installment of They Said It this morning, I noticed this gem from Bears WR Darryl Drake on his wideouts:

“They played about as well a game has been played around here in a long time. They didn’t have any MAs [missed assignments]; you understand that. [Johnny Knox] got in the flow and he played well. He got an opportunity. He took it and ran with it. They didn’t break off a single route like some people have said. It was a good effort.”

How do you read that? I look at it as (a) a coach defending his guys, even though it looked like a few of his wideouts rounded off their routes in the Packers game; and (b) a subtle shot at Cutler. Maybe not even Cutler.

The guy has come in to Chicago a little hot for some folks' liking, and the only thing that will ease that tension is Cutler playing at a Pro Bowl level. So far, he has one bad game against a bitter rival to his name. He has earned no credit yet.

Curious to hear what you guys think about Drake's comments.

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