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After Round One, it's Mayweather 1, Edholm 0

Posted Sept. 15, 2009 @ 6:28 p.m.
Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:27 p.m.
By Eric Edholm

First round, Mayweather.

I was stunned that (a) Floyd Mayweather wanted to make weekly NFL picks for Pro Football Weekly and (b) how passionate he was about football. No longer am I surprised.

The man went 15-1 in his first week's picks, while I was a few wins behind him. Athletes know their sports, even when it's not their own. I should have known this.

"I told you, I keep up with it," Mayweather said.

I am just hoping that Floyd's big fight on Saturday night against Juan Manuel Marquez at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas (it can be seen live on HBO Pay-Per-View) distracted him into making some poor choices so I have a chance to catch up.

"I feel pretty good," Mayweather said of Saturday's fight. "I don't worry about nothing."

Me, however, I just worry about falling farther behind him in our battle.

Here there are:


Game Floyd's pick Edholm's pick Floyd's take
Panthers at Falcons  Panthers  Falcons  "I still think the Panthers can win this one."
Vikings at Lions  Vikings  Vikings  "I like Brett Favre, but (in the past) he has thrown too many Hail Marys. He's going to do it again (at some point). He threw just as many interceptions (as touchdowns) last year." 
Bengals at Packers  Packers  Packers   
Cardinals at Jaguars  Jaguars  Jaguars  "Arizona ain't looking that good this year. They disappointed me last week." 
Raiders at Chiefs  Raiders  Chiefs  "Oakland is kind of tough. But they blew that game (Monday night). They should have won." 
Patriots at Jets  Patriots  Patriots  "New England looked pretty rusty, but you got to give it to them. You can't pick with your heart. I don't know if (Mark) Sanchez has enough power to beat New England." 
Saints at Eagles  Eagles  Saints  "The Saints let Detroit score too many points." 
Texans at Titans  Titans  Titans  "The Titans look like a Super Bowl team." 
Rams at Redskins  Redskins  Redskins   
Seahawks at 49ers  49ers  49ers  "That's a pick 'em, but if I had to go with somebody I would take San Francisco." 
Buccaneers at Bills  Bills  Bills  "The Bills need a break." 
Steelers at Bears  Steelers  Steelers  "The Bears lost (Brian) Urlacher, and the Steelers are looking tougher than anybody." 
Browns at Broncos  Broncos  Browns   
Ravens at Chargers  Ravens  Chargers  "Baltimore still looks good. San Diego isn't as good as I thought." 
Giants at Cowboys  Giants  Giants  "How many yards did (Tony) Romo have last week? He's healthy; he's going to play. This is pretty much a pick 'em, too. But if I had to go with one, I would say the Giants. Too tough."
Colts at Dolphins  Colts  Colts  "I like the Colts. I like them a lot. When the pressure gets on the Dolphins, they aren't as good." 
Last week's record 15-1 13-3  
Season record to date 15-1 13-3  

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