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Panthers have to consider benching Delhomme

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By Eric Edholm

I really thought this would not happen, at least not so quickly. Coming off the worst game of his career in the playoff loss to Arizona, it appears the nightmare is continuing.

Jake Delhomme is having a bad, bad game in Carolina. He threw a pick that was behind Steve Smith and then was sacked and lost a fumble that was returned for a touchdown. And his second interception (and third turnover) was a really poor decision in which he clearly was trying to force the ball into Smith's hands.

John Fox is not normally the type to bench a guy this quickly into a season, but remember what he did in 2003. He sat Rodney Peete at halftime of the Jaguars game, down big in Week One. It ended up sparking the season when Fox turned to Delhomme, who led them to a last-minute comeback.

The difference that year was that Delhomme and Peete were in a battle for the job. Josh McCown and Matt Moore never got close to starter's snaps in the preseason, so both might be a tad rusty.

UPDATE: Delhomme has two more interceptions in the second half. His offensive line cannot handle Philly's blitz, but this is getting ridiculous.

Eagles defensive coordinator Sean McDermott is having a banner debut today. He might be blitzing more than his mentor, Jim Johnson, did.

And McCown is into the game. His first throw, natch, was almost a pick-six, but Asantre Samuel dropped it.

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