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That didn't take long: Panthers tab Morrison as team prez

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Updated Oct. 06, 2010 @ 7:27 p.m.
By Eric Edholm

Jerry Richardson loves his Wofford guys. More than his own sons, apparently.

OK, so before you bash me for that comment, don't take it as a slap. It is clear: Mr. Richardson wants Danny Morrison, the TCU athletic director and an old Wofford College chum, to run the Panthers. Sons Jon and Mark stepped down from their respective posts yesterday in an odd day in Charlotte.

So who exactly is Morrison?

Well, he's the well-respected former commissioner of the Southern Conference and current TCU AD who is returning to his Carolina roots. Does he have NFL experience? Well, no, not a bit. But the man helped build the Southern Conference and has done a nice job in his four years at TCU, building up the facility and making it a first-class athletic department.

Richardson and Morrison have known each other for years through sports, various business and charitable organizations and, of course, through their Wofford connections.

Interesting move for this franchise. Maybe the trees needed to be shaken a bit. You have to wonder if a fully healthy Richardson might not have made this move sooner, as opposed to less than two weeks prior to the season.

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