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West roundup: News on Rivers, Hill and Edge

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By Eric Edholm

The NFC West often doesn't get much in the way of love. The AFC West isn't too far behind on the Love-O-Meter.

But the divisions stepped to the forefront of the news cycle on Monday in about a 35-minute span.

In order, these news stories burned up the wires:

  • The Seahawks signed Edgerrin James to a one-year deal.
  • The Chargers announced that Philip Rivers had just signed an extension through 2015.
  • And the 49ers named Shaun Hill the starting QB for the opener in Week One.

In terms of importance, I would rank them 1. Rivers, 2. Hill and 3. James. Clearly, the Chargers weren't letting Rivers get away, but even with added protection next season if the NFL reaches an uncapped year, this allows the team some real flexibility in terms of dealing with free-agents-to-be such as Shawne Merriman, Vincent Jackson and others.

I kind of saw the Hill move coming. I just didn't get the lovey-dovey feeling when I heard the 49ers coaches talk about Alex Smith, even if he had improved. I think going with Hill gives them the best chance, especially in Week One and early in the season.

James is an interesting move. He's actually less versatile that Maurice Morris and Leonard Weaver, two backs they let get away this offseason. But he could provide some short-yardage help in a scheme that could fit his skills. Don't forget that James is an excellent pass blocker.

Interesting day for the West(s). They probably still won't get much love past this point, but, hey, it's a start.

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