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Owens' thoughts (Tweets) on Vick signing

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By Eric Edholm

(Editor's note: Part of the second to last paragraph was unintentionally left out earlier. Here is the complete item.)

For the 14 people left on the planet who have yet to hear of this Twitter business, it goes like this: You have 140 characters to express something to and share it with the world. Everyone from celebrities to athletes to the mailman has an account now.

As do I. (@ Eric_Edholm, check me out) And I "follow" Terrell Owens' Tweeting* on a daily, nay hourly basis. And here's what he had to say regarding Mr. Vick landing in Philadelphia:

"whn vick puts tht #7 on, he instantly, i mean "INSTANTLY," has become the best athlete 2 wear tht # n an eagles uniform!!"

Some things to think about. One, the shorthand that Owens is using is common because of the truncated space you are allowed to write your message. Two, you might remember the man played in Philadelphia once. And let's just say that he and Ron Jaworski are not golfing buddies. Hmm, think about what uniform number (or #, in T.O. speak) Jaws wore. Oh yeah!

I also seem to remember some ill will between him and another QB … anyone remember the details of that one?

Insert your own punchline.

* the verb form of Twitter

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