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UFL releases "Premiere" season schedule

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By Dan Waters

After a bit of a lull, the United Football League has been busy the last couple of days, and the trend continued with the league’s release of its schedule for the 2009 “Premiere” season.

The league will begin play Oct. 8 with the Las Vegas franchise hosting the San Francisco franchise, and play will culminate with a championship game Nov. 27. Games will be held on non-Sundays so as to not interfere — or compete — with the NFL, with five Thursday games, three Saturday games, three Friday games (including the championship) and two Wednesday games. All games will either be televised on either HDNet or Versus.

Nov. 27 is right before the NFL’s Week 12, so it still gives the players some time to move up to an NFL team for the last quarter of the season and the playoffs.

On that note, here’s to ex-Seahawk and former top-10 pick WR Koren Robinson hopefully getting another chance in the NFL, provided the rumors that he has signed with the Orlando franchise are true. He’s clearly got the ability; let’s just hope his off-field issues are behind him.

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