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Tweet of the day: Chargers admit poor ticket sales

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By Eric Edholm

Having gotten used to this Twitter thing (follow me @ Eric_Edholm) in the past few weeks, I was very interested to see what Chargers PR man Bill Johnson had to post a few hours ago. It read:

"Story of the day: unfortunately some TV blackouts appear imminent. Tons of tickets still available to every game. Now is good time to buy."

This is a surprising admission from a team that looks to me to be a Super Bowl contender. After doing some searching, I noticed that the team had made an announcement on this the day before, and some of the local media outlets reported on it as well.

It's a sad statement of our times. The training-camp practices have been well-attended, but hey, they are free. Regular-season games are expensive, let's face it.

I am curious … are people giving up their tickets this season because they can't afford them? I'd like to hear from you.

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