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UFL signs 19, needs better communication

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By Dan Waters

Earlier today the United Football League announced the signing of 19 players to its New York franchise, according to a league press release.

Highlighting the list of signees were former NFL players QB Quinn Gray and RB Cecil Sapp.

“In my inaugural season as head coach, it has been very exciting going through the player allocation process and utilizing a blank canvas to create a winning franchise,” said New York Head Coach Ted Cottrell. “There are many talented players who are looking for another chance to shine and I am glad the UFL is providing that opportunity for both of us.”

The signings are another step in the right direction for the upstart league, which signed former Bills QB J.P. Losman to a deal in late July.

Personally, I want to see the UFL succeed, and I think it may do just that. It has good ownership, adequate financial backing and now the rosters are finally starting to take shape. While no football league will ever compete with the NFL, the UFL is not aiming to do this, which is where many other fledgling leagues have failed.

Particularly with the Arena Football League shutting down operations for 2010 and possibly beyond, the UFL has a good chance to effectively complement the NFL, but it must be more efficient in its public relations.

What I am referring to is the fact that the UFL supposedly planned to unveil uniforms and team names yesterday and today, and up to this point has not even issued a press release stating why it has not done this, at least to my knowledge. Flakiness is not a good first impression, and unfortunately, that is the impression I am getting recently from the league.

Granted, I’m sure the higher-ups in the league office have a lot on their plate with the season quickly approaching, but I question whether anything is as important for someone trying to carve out a place in a niche market as establishing a loyal fan base. As someone who has been following the league closely, I’m feeling frustrated with this seeming lack of communication.

With that being said, I am not bitter and do not think the league needs to resort to gimmickry in order to succeed. And I do mean it wholeheartedly when I say I wish the UFL the best. America can never have enough football, and, more importantly, my blog. The UFL certainly supplements both.

Now, on that note … how about signing Michael Vick?

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