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Give Drew Rosenhaus credit

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By Eric Edholm

I was checking on Twitter today (more on that below) and saw that Drew Rosenhaus announced the signing of Lions S Louis Delmas, the first pick of the second round and a likely rookie starter, to a four-year contract.

He might not be the most popular agent out there, but Rosenhaus gets his clients signed and in camp.

He now has all nine of his drafted clients signed and in their respective camps on time in advance of the official starting dates. It now has been five years since a rookie client of his has been considered a holdout. It's a very worthy achievement that teams certainly are aware of. Fans should be too when they give this guy guff.

Now, about that Twitter account I know you have been thinking of for these last few paragraphs. Follow me at It's the only way to go, folks.

And I'll be happy to follow you in return if you would like.

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