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Why the UFL can remove Matt Jones from its wish list

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By Dan Waters

The United Football League has made no secret about the fact that it will be hunting the elite talent that is not signed by the NFL. One person that the league can forget about is ex-Jaguars WR Matt Jones. Jones was released from the Jaguars after failing a drug and alcohol evaluation administered after his arrest for possession of cocaine last year and remains a free agent.

Jones had this to say when I asked him today whether he would consider playing for one of the “other” leagues if his situation in the NFL doesn’t work out:

“I’m an NFL player. It’s going to work out. If I’d have played all year, I think I would have been a top-20 receiver in the NFL, so I know that I’m learning this thing and I’m doing it. If I would have been a top-60 receiver then maybe, but I’m an NFL player.”

Jones said that his agent, Dave Butz, has been in contact with teams regarding his ongoing situation, but both declined to give specifics.

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